Body Work

Eric Rubin, Chiropractic and soft-tissue therapeutics
Nanette Hart, Massage & Aromatherapy
Amy Selinger, Physical Therapy (specifically back and pelvis)
Abby Schkloven, Structural Integration

Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine

Scott Blossom

Cooking/Coaching for Conscious Eating

Meredith Klein at Pranaful

Buddhist/Yogic Textual Study and Somatic Experiencing

Sean Feit Oakes

Books on Yoga/Buddhism/Spirituality

The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle)

The Wise Heart (Jack Kornfield)

The Yoga Sutra (Chip Hartranft translation)

The Four Desires (Rod Stryker)

Yoga & Ayurveda (David Frawley) 

Poets: Mary Oliver & WS Merwin


Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Oil (for abhyanga)

Joint Balm (for joint pain)

Tigress Healing Oil (for injury and joint pain)


Teva Olowahu (for women)