Retreat Testimonials

teaching_1Thank you so much for this weekend. I loved every minute of it. You make me feel inspired on many levels!  –Kim Johnson (Cultivating Lightess retreat participant)

I’m so impressed with the amount of preparation and thought that goes into Karen and Meredith’s retreats. The time is well used, but flexible enough to allow us to adjust from our busy lives. Thank you so much for the pleasant and personally productive weekends.  –John Regan (Cultivating Lightness and Resolve to Evolve retreat participant)


I may have had expectations of basking in the sun a bit more than meditating,writing, learning, and discussing. However, I found much greater tools to take home with me beyond a dose of Vitamin D. Thank you, Meredith and Karen, for the delicious food, compassion, and teaching!  –Winslett Carr (Cultivating Lightness retreat participant)

I felt this weekend was exactly as it should be.I loved the theme and the connection to it throughout the weekend. I am filled with gratitude that I had the opportunity to be here to experience this.  –Casey Carr (Cultivating Lightness retreat participant)


I have enjoyed a couple of retreats with Karen and Meredith at the gorgeous Tara Bella Villa, in Sonoma, and would recommend that experience to anyone who is looking for an opportunity to learn something new about the yogic tradition, to discover new ways to practice yoga, and to explore your own potential. Each retreat is carefully planned out and well balanced to include yoga sessions, guided group activities, and free time to enjoy nature walks, hot-tubbing, or just a nap on the deck. Be prepared for some healthy, delicious, and creative dishes to nourish your body, and for spirited, inspiring, and mind-opening yoga, meditation, and guided activities to nourish your soul. Karen and Meredith’s retreats offer a safe space to relax and refresh, to find your balance and peace, and to absorb the amazing energy of a beautiful place and beautiful people to carry with you into your daily life.  –Lana Mitchell (Butterfly Hearing and Cultivating Lightness retreat participant)

I really enjoyed how you took topics that we tend to take for granted and grew a practice that continued to naturally build over the course of the weekend. The space you worked so hard to create provided warmth and complete safety to explore some of the blocks I face in feeling and expressing gratitude. The food, asana, meditations and discussions complimented each other so well and provided a great example of grace. I left wishing that I could share what I was feeling with all beings. –Kristen Law (Grace and Gratitude/Cultivating Lightness retreat participant)

I have joined Karen and Meredith for two Resolve to Evolve retreats, and have had a wonderful experience each time. They do an excellent job of balancing the yoga, meditation, and creative elements of the weekend (along with amazing cooking by Meredith!), and really foster an atmosphere of community and reflection for the participants. I would highly recommend Karen and Meredith’s retreats to others! – Sarah Andropoulos (Resolve to Evolve retreat participant)

Thank you again for a wonderful weekend and retreat! I am filled with Lightness and energized with clarity for this next week and chapter ahead. – Charity Yoro (Cultivating Lightness retreat participant)

** Photos 1 and 3 courtesy of Kim Dowd; Photo 3 courtesy of Yoga Tree