Class Testimonials

“I’m so happy that I signed up for Yoga 101 with Karen. After a few weeks of classes, I not only felt more comfortable in the poses, but I started to feel a sense of inner strength. A year later, I am still going to Karen’s classes and she has lovingly coached me into a full blown yoga and meditation practice. I can’t thank her enough for introducing me to yoga – with a sense of humor and courageous spirit, she has expanded my ideas about what’s possible, both on and off the mat. I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to practice with her.” – Nicole Grant Kriege, yoga student

“By some stroke of luck, we managed to get the best yoga teacher I have ever had to teach the eclectic group which is…our office. Before Karen started teaching here in 2012, I had a love-hate affair with Wednesday afternoon–the halfway, but still uphill-battle point in the week. Karen has changed Wednesday’s bad reputation. We love Wednesday now. Karen is courageous and unafraid to put us face-to-face with our own fears. She is able to maintain an ideal student-teacher dynamic, paying special attention to each student regardless of level. Her sense of humor and humility is reflected in the sense of joy and love brought to her class. We smile and laugh in class and know if we make a mistake, it is not going to be a big deal. In fact, she will turn a mistake into a graceful opportunity to learn. Karen is creative, passionate, inspiring, and engaging. It is important to be flexible, in the mind, and to feel good at work. Karen has been an honest help, keeping us happy and healthy where we work.” – Carrie Gaydos, Workplace Yoga Student and Yoga Program Coordinator at Vonchurch

“I look forward to seeing Karen and practicing yoga with her every single week. She is such a great teacher and really knows how to teach people of all different levels. I truly enjoy her class and feel much more productive and energized after our lunchtime session every Wednesday. I have seen significant improvement with my practice since my first day with her and look forward to learning even more from her. I never thought I would enjoy regular yoga in the workplace so much, but Karen makes it an enjoyable experience as well as a great work out!” – Gillian Morgan, Workplace Yoga Student at Vonchurch

“Karen’s calm, subtle, but exact guidance in yoga makes such a difference! After each session, I (and my back) feel grrreat and so worked out! Karen is good for my body and soul.” – Cee Cee Shinn, Workplace Yoga Student at UCSF

“Karen has taught me the fundamental foundation of yoga . . . . Breathing. Not only am I her grateful yoga student, but she has been instrumental to our Kaiser COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) patients. I always end her class with a greater sense of consciousness.” – Kathy Ghanayem, Workplace Yoga Student at UCSF